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Introducing "The True 100% Fundraiser"™


During the Fundraiser

Contact Us With Any Questions or Concerns.

Our local fundraising representative needs to know if you encounter difficulty in your fundraising - we want to know immediately. Our commitment to you is in providing a simple, no-cost, no-hassle fundraising program that is ALL PROFIT for your school or group.

We are available during normal business hours by phone at (913) 271-2955 and via email at

Enjoy The Time You Save.

Enjoy the easy ‘on-the-spot’ sales program. No orders to take, no merchandise payments, no post-sale deliveries, no bothering parents or ‘volunteers’ with time-consuming deliveries.

Handling The Proceeds: Make a Paper Trail.

Have buyers for MyJoeCards write the student salesperson’s name on their check’s notation line. This prevents miscommunication and hassle, ensuring credit for the sale to the student, and also helps in the tracking and handling of any problem checks.

Collect The Money Every Morning.

As MyJoeCard.Com’s Fundraising Program is handled in one easy step with the cards being provided at the point-of-sale, students will be turning in proceeds every day! Be available to get the proceeds each morning!

Double-Check The Participant’s Math & Sales Log.

When collecting the daily sales envelopes, use the Daily Sales Log to compare the number of MyJoeCards sold by zip code (total) versus the payment amount included and number of cards student still has listed as unsold. Our Fundraising Program gets same-day results, and a daily tally will ensure accuracy. Note any discrepancies, and list them in the ‘Follow Up’ Log. This log gives you a central list from which to resolve payment problems. Resolve money issues each day. Email and/or call parents inform them of the problem and any amount that is due.

Make One Pass At It.

Save your time by endorsing all checks as you process the sales logs and envelopes.

Arrange All Cash By Denomination.

Sort and bundle the bills by denomination, roll any coins, and fill out the ‘Receipt Log’ form included in Fundraising Forms (PDF).

Double-Check Your Math.

Have a helper go over your deposit to verify your total. Two heads are better than one.

Make A Bank Drop.

Take sales proceeds to the bank and deposit the money immediately. If the school has a safe, then place the sales proceeds there until you go to the bank. Don’t leave the money lying out or unattended. Be responsible and avoid any safety concerns, or personal liability.

Handle The Bounced Checks.

If any checks were returned “NSF” (non-sufficient funds), call the person who wrote the check immediately, and notify them by mail. Keep the bounced check, as most times a personal accounting error was made by the check-writer. This problem is usually resolved when they ask you to redeposit the check (aka ‘run it through again’). Keep the original of the returned check to make sure your group will receive payment. If the check bounces a second time, it is best to write a letter asking the person to bring by a cash or money order and pick up their check. Beyond this, it may be the best use of your time to write it off, and put the bounced check with the fundraising records for reference.

Wrap It Up.

Complete the fundraiser as you reach the goal, and cut off sales at the deadline. Have the Bookkeeper collect and account for the total proceeds from the fundraiser, and the total number of remaining unsold MyJoeCards from the students. Upon reaching the conclusion of your fundraiser, it is the responsibility of both the Administrator and the Bookkeeper to return all unsold MyJoeCards to MyJoeCard.Com, along with the Fundraising Completion Form, and the Follow Up Form. Your group may make arrangements to return cards to a company representative at the ‘get-together’ for the completion of the fundraiser (when Prizes and Incentives will be awarded), or you may send any unsold MyJoeCards in a sealed box or envelope, and mail to MyJoeCard.Com, LLC, P.O. Box 26403, Overland Park, KS 66225.

Let Us Know When You Have Reached Your Goal!

We will be excited to hear of your success, and we will plan to be at your coming celebration when you reach your goal. As you wrap up the accounting and paperwork, let us know your total figures; give us any referrals you may have of area businesses that would like to participate in our program.





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Tiffany Greens Golf Club
Save $10 off regular rates (good 11am-2pm M-F, & after 3pm weekends).

Stanford's on Broadway 2-for-1*
Get 2-for-1 Tickets at Stanfords on Broadway w) MyJoeCard (MUST CALL FOR RESERVATION, Limit of Four Tickets, excludes special performances - call for MyJoeCard rates to special shows). Click the link above for listings of upcoming big shows and showtimes!

Old Shawnee Pizza & Italian Kitchen
Buy 1 Medium Specialty Pizza - Get 1 Medium Single-Topping Pizza free with MyJoeCard!

2-for-1 Comedy Tixkets @ Stanford's Comedy House
Get 2-for-1 Tickets w) MyJoeCard!* at Stanford's Comedy House in Overland Park

Pizza Hut / Wingstreet - Medium 3-Topping for $7.99!*
Use MyJoeCard at participating Pizza Hut / Wingstreets and get a Medium Specialty or up to 3 toppings for only $7.99! Use Promo Code: 1Q

Save up to $250 on medically supervised weight loss!*
Lose more, save more (up to $250) w/ Medi-Weightloss Prepaid Value Plans. The combination of our nutrition plan, supplements, vitamin and mineral based injections and FDA approved prescription appetite suppressants (if prescribed) work together to enhance your metabolism, manage appetite and keep you feeling great during your weight loss process. Eat real food, not pre-packaged or powdered.

Flower Delivery - Save 10%
Send flowers to show your Love! Save 10% on all orders (Promo Code MJC)!

Learn Tae Kwondo and Save!
Two Free "Easy Starter Courses" includes free uniforms and a week each of training w/ MyJoeCard!

Save on auto repair - Olathe, KS
Olathe's only ASE Blue Seal Auto Repair Shop! Get a $15 Oil Change (1st use) w/ MyJoeCard + Save $10 on your next service with MyJoeCard! Bring your car to Smith Specialty Automotive in Olathe for an honest assessment of your auto repair needs!

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