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Introducing "The True 100% Fundraiser"™


Before Starting the Fundraiser

Timing is everything.

Choose a good time for your fundraiser. We suggest starting on a Thursday and going for a maximum of 14 days – ending on the second Wednesday. This will give your students two full weekends to make sales.

Reserve MyJoeCards for your next Fundraiser – submit your Fundraiser Request Form contact us as soon as possible!

Set expectations with us.

Be clear on all aspects of our fundraising program. In order to be successful, we must clearly establish what is expected from you, and what our company is agreeing to do to help you reach your goals. Good relationships spring from good communication and a solid understanding of roles and responsibilities. To facilitate a smooth fundraiser for your group we need to be clear on the information for your group’s fundraiser.

To provide us with the specifics on your fundraising needs, capabilities, and goals, please download and complete our Fundraiser Order form, and return to us via toll-free fax at 1+(866) 238-9483, or scan completed form and return it to us via email at

As the potential fundraising provider for your cause, we have outlined our responsibilities to you, and what we will do to ensure the success of your fundraiser. See Our Commitment page for more information.

Establish roles and responsibilities with your group.

Assign the roles and responsibilities for your group! All Participants have an important role to play, from the Administrator, Bookkeeper, to the children, parents, teachers, and volunteers who make it all possible. See our Fundraising Survival Guide.

See why our program is fast and simple.

With our ‘On the spot payment’ option, we offer A Quick & Simple Transaction Option for Fundraising Sales. ‘On the spot payment’ means the customer pays the student and the student provides the customer with a MyJoeCard on the spot. All parts of the transaction happen simultaneously. The proceeds are collected, the cards are provided, and the sale is complete. Short and sweet, with no order taking, no prepay no pay-on-pickup, and no later delivery. It’s a ‘done deal’. This saves everyone time and avoids hassles.

Establish your Monetary Goal.

Decide how much money you will raise, then download and fill out our Fundraising Order form. In a moment’s time you will know exact figures on how many cards to order, and average sales per student. Prepare to be surprised, our fundraiser will help you reach your monetary goal quickly, as 100% of the profit goes to your cause.

Make it easy for your volunteers.

For schools, count out MyJoeCards and make a packet for each class (including MyJoeCards, Daily Sales Logs, Total Sales Logs, Top 20 Lists, and envelopes) and give them directly to the teacher, or put it in their mailbox. Also provide teachers with a collection box or large envelope for daily collection of proceeds.

Discuss our program with students.

Take time to discuss our program with students to help ensure that everyone’s roles and responsibilities are clearly understood. Review your fundraiser plan (including monetary fundraising goals, average sales per student to reach the goal, as well as start and stop dates for the fundraiser). Provide all participants with contact names, and MyJoeCard’s parent information letters.

We would enjoy an opportunity to come out and speak with your group about MyJoeCard.Com’s Fundraising Program. Call us at (913) 271-2955 for more information on scheduling a visit.

Involve parents.

MyJoeCard.Com and our Sponsoring Business Members will supply sample MyJoeCards to parents to help them feel valued and become involved. Parents need to know a few things about this Fundraising Program:

Easy involvement for Parents:

  • Very fast fundraiser! (100% profit = money adds up faster)

  • No extensive planning or scheduling

  • No prep work or busy work

  • No long program to follow

Fast & Simple fundraiser’ On the Spot’ sales and delivery

  • No pre-sales paperwork or order-taking

  • No after-the-sale product delivery

All Profit & No Investment with:

  • No investment for parents or the school

  • 100% Profit! All profit goes to the fundraising cause.

A Valuable Fundraising Product:

  • MyJoeCard never expires and is no-hassle

  • Great website for information (

  • Grows in value everyday (new businesses & new discounts)

  • Finalist for ‘Business of the Year’ in KS for 2007,

  • Nominated for the “Governor’s Award for Excellence” in KS for 2007.

  • Recipient of Award for Excellence in Service 2007, awarded by The State of Kansas Department of Commerce.

Make it Easy.

Send MyJoeCard packets home with the Parent letter attached to the front. Customize MyJoeCard’s downloadable Parent Letter to show parents.

Get Ready To Sell.

  • Review Checklist and Safety Tips with all involved. Teachers should review the *important points* for students to stress to buyers:

  • Purpose of the Fundraiser: Is it for a specific cause, needed purchase, or general budget?

  • Financial Goal of the Fundraiser: How Much Money is Being Raised?

  • Financial Details: Who to make checks payable to (for the Fundraiser).

  • Fast & Easy Sales Program: Explain MyJoeCard’s ‘On the Spot’ sales and delivery.

  • Estimated ‘Start Selling’ and ‘Completion’ dates.

  • Details for turning in proceeds from sales, and all unsold cards (Where & When).

  • Contact Information: Names, roles, phone numbers, and email addresses of Participants.

Throw your “Kickoff Party”.

This is a great time to get everyone geared up and remind them what the fundraiser is for, and ask for referrals of any area businesses that would like to participate with MyJoeCard.Com!

Distribute sales packets to students (including MyJoeCards, Daily Sales Logs, Total Sales Logs, Top 20 Lists, and envelopes)!

Distribute MyJoeCard samples to all Participants (Students, Teachers, Parents, and Volunteers)!

  • Trumpet the 100% profit margin.

  • Emphasize No Start-Up Cost.

  • Discuss saving time with ‘On the Spot’ sales and delivery.

  • Discuss Fundraiser’s positive effect on the local economy & local community.

  • Have Participants complete their Top 20 Lists for potential buyers.

  • Decide on Group Sales Goals and Individual Sales Goals.

  • Form teams to promote “friendly competition” for group prizes!

  • Give everyone a chance to win by meeting an individual sales ‘quota’

  • Discuss Prizes and Incentives for Top-Selling Groups!

  • Discuss Prizes and Incentives for Top-Selling Students!

Ask parents to step up and make a difference! Let parents and teachers know how important they are to the success of your good cause! Ask for ideas! Parents and Teachers are a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources.

Ready, Set, Go!

Review the *important points* for students to stress to buyers:

  1. The Worthy Cause: What the money is being raised for!

  2. Where the Money Goes: 100% goes to the school!

  3. Ask directly for the sale: “Can you help us reach our goal?”





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